A new, local airline company connecting Kristianstad österlen with stockholm. We look forward to welcoming you on board in the near future.

A bumble-bee should not be able to fly! But it can….and although it may sound unlikely, we now have a new airline company in Kristianstad: Skåneflyg.

So it feels right that our first plane should be named “Humlan” – The Bumble-bee!
Our little winged friend defies the laws of nature. You might say that the Skåneflyg company does the same.
How come?
Skåneflyg has a solid base of visionary owners with roots in Skåne.

Skåneflyg enables visitors to come to our beautiful part of Sweden and also makes it possible for private passengers or companies to get to Stockholm with a minimum of fuss. Stockholm to start with….but you never know where a bumble-bee is going to fly in the future!

Skåneflyg prides itself on being small, friendly and local. Something that you’ll feel as soon as you check in.

Welcome to Skåneflyg. Welcome on board Humlan - the Bumble-bee... Her first flight will be during the second quarter of 2021.

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