Our Warmest Thanks!

We warmly thank all travelers and supporters who have been with us on the Skåneflyg journey.

We have had a fantastic year with Humlan 🐝 and the feedback from you has, at times, been almost overwhelming 💙

Skåneflyg was started to secure a quick, and smooth link between Eastern Skåne – Stockholm, and when we now hand over to BRA, we do so knowing that when traveling, you can expect the same excellent service as before, as well as a little extra comfort on the road!

On August 28, BRA will start operating the route again – tickets can now be booked!

Larger plane – better comfort

BRA will fly the route with an ATR72-600, a more modern plane with more than twice as many seats on board and a noticeably more spacious cabin – which is also quieter.


The best will remain

Much of the best will remain – Easy travel at the same small airports with fast flows and minimal queues.

You have seen each other before – BRA’s staff up at Bromma and the staff at KID will be the same.

You can calmly travel on, knowing that your experience will continue to be in focus.


BRA will start with slightly fewer departures than Skåneflyg, with a quick stopover in Växjö.

If the market shows the need, we can count on more departures and a future with a direct connection to Bromma.

We, therefore, hope that all of you who have supported Skåneflyg now continue to support the region and our airport by traveling with BRA.

We believe this air connection with Stockholm is of great value to all of us!