Skåneflyg has a solid base of visionary owners with roots in Skåne.

Henrik Persson Ekdahl

Henrik Persson Ekdahl.
Tech-entrepreneur. Founder and owner of Optimizer Invest.

Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist

Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist.
Entrepreneur in the field of hospitality. MD of AB Kristianstads Golf Course

Sam Giertz

Sam Giertz.
Chairman of the Board. Real estate contractor. Founder and Partner Resona.

Fredrik Rosengren

Fredrik Rosengren.
Entrepreneur in the field of retail trading. MD of ICA Maxi Kristianstad.


Jacob Karlsson

Jacob Karlsson.
Entrepreneur in the field of real estate. MD and founder of K-Fastigheter.

Why did we create Skåneflyg?

We want to contribute to the wealth and development of life in Skåne by making it possible for more visitors to come to our fantastic part of Sweden. We also want to make it possible for those of us here, private citizens or business people, to get to Stockholm smoothly and easily.
– At least to start with. But the sky’s the limit – we are entrepreneurs heart and soul!